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Tax Resources

Tax Resources

Download the latest tax preparation guidelines and other valuable information, courtesy of Carla Dirk, CPA

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 3 Changes You Should Know

2018 Individual Interactive and Printable Income Tax Organizer
Everything you need to know about deductions and expenses on your personal return which may or may not apply to your circumstances.

What should I bring to my personal income tax return appointment?
A one-page checklist of items needed for most personal income tax appointments with Carla Dirk CPA LLC.

Get IRS Tax Return Transcripts
Retrieve, download, and print a copy of your federal return transcripts for the 3 prior years from the IRS.

The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision
Information and links from the IRS discussing health coverage and health coverage exemptions. Who is eligible for a coverage exemption or required to make an Individual Shared Responsibility Payment?

Is My Child’s Scholarship Taxable?
It depends, find out here.

Charitable Donations vs. Charity Deductions
Turn a charitable donation into a charitable deduction on your personal income tax return. All donations and deductions must be documented!

Get it in writing! – Use this app to log and track mileage for anything from doctor’s appointments to Scout campouts. Business persons will also find this app to be very effective and can print monthly reports.

What should I bring to my business tax return appointment?
A one-page checklist of information needed to complete a corporate, partnership, or sole proprietorship tax return.

Nevada Business Commerce Tax Interactive Information
All Nevada businesses must file a yearly “Commerce Tax return”, but is a payment necessary?

Business Owners – Proper Business Valuation Article
Proper business valuation is a roadmap to success.

Where’s My Amended Tax Return?
Another IRS online tools that is useful to determine the processing status of your amended tax return.

Where is my Tax Refund?
Click above to be directed to the IRS refund tracking system

How long must I keep receipts and documentation for my tax return?
Recommendations for business and personal tax records.

Lawmakers Make Laws – Not the IRS
If you are unhappy with the tax laws give them a piece of your mind! Contact information for Nevada congressional representatives. Helpful Links.

360 degrees of Financial Literacy
Financial information for every stage of your life. Multiple interactive scenarios.

Phishing and Scams with Interactive IRS links
What to do if suspicious or threatening, unsolicited telephone calls, emails, faxes, and paper mail is received.

Identity Theft with Interactive IRS Links
What is identity theft, warning signs and how to reduce your risk.

Victim Assistance with Interactive IRS Links
What to do if you’re a victim of identity theft.

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